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Default Re: Dumb Accounts FAQ

After reading through this, I realized that Q15 needed revision. So, heres the new version!

QUESTION 15: What are Custom Titles? How come I don't have one?

"Titles" refers to the small text directly below someones name(Mine being, at the time of this posting, "I am mafia! No, really!".) There are two types of titles: Regular or Custom.

Regular titles are the generic titles. They range from "Puny Mortal" to "Dumb Person". The more you post, the higher your title goes. Puny Mortal is the first title, Dumb Person you get after you post a bunch. Of course, posts in Total Mayhem wont count towards the titles, to prevent spammage. It doesn't take long to get to Dumb Person, but still some people prefer to use....

CUSTOM TITLES! To create a custom title, go to the Yerfshop. Scroll down a bit, and you'll see the Custom Titles area. It costs 25YB to create a new custom title. Remember to keep it clean! This is a family friendly site.
Jam-jam, could you edit this in over the outdated Q15? Domo!
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