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Yerfdog Be Kind

All of a sudden this past week there has been an absolute epidemic of people snapping at each other, attacking and belittling. That's going to stop now.

I'm letting you all know that if you are in any way less than nice to the other people on this forum from this point on, you will immediately get an official warning. Remember that 4 of those within a 1-year span is an automatic ban. So you don't want to get one just because you couldn't resist insulting somebody a little bit.

This isn't a trick or a challenge, there's nothing hard about it. All you have to do is not post things that are hurtful or mean. Just be nice. Say what good things other people have done, say how much you like this or that. Ask or answer questions about games or anything else. As long as you do not say anything that is negative, you have no risk at all.

It is certainly possible to criticize constructively, but it's quite clear that very few people know how to do it. Don't risk it. If you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all.
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