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Default Re: An idea to make Hamumu Games better.

Originally Posted by WackieWatty View Post
Of course, level caps are good in a way, as you can't level up crazily and then glide through the game without any effort.
That's why monsters often give less or no experience points when you're much stronger than them; you're forced to move on to monsters that actually pose a threat to you if you want to continue to level. Though with that system, you really can't have no level cap, since there'd always have to be monsters which are about as strong as you and which you could defeat for experience points.

Regarding the original idea, I really don't see where the fun in excessive levelling up in a game like Loonyland 2 is. Levels are okay if you gain them while you progress further in the game, but "grinding" monsters to gain experience points is just boring and repititive imo, especially if there's only a few types of monsters you could defeat for exp, so I can live without a level cap that's any higher than it needs to be so you can get strong enough to beat the game. Actually, I've found that many games that force you to "grind" do so so they can claim to offer more "playtime" since they lack the substance/content otherwise; I'd rather have more areas to explore, different things to fight and fun stuff to accomplish that doesn't make me feel like I'm wasting time... meh.

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