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Yerfdog Hamumu Wants You!

I'm going to be launching a new page on the site soon, called simply "Pictures" (or more precisely "Dumb Folks: Pictures"). I am looking for submissions for this page! Here is what the page says at the top:

Are you a Hamumu nut? Send in a picture of you and your family and friends playing Hamumu games! Or doing something else Hamumuey! Young or old, we wanna see you Hamming it up.

So send me pictures of you Hamumuing!

- Write a caption/description in your email ("The grandkids hammering away at zombies as usual!" or whatever. Feel free to tell your whole Hamumu story if you want, any words you want to have accompanying the picture). Don't actually put it on the picture itself! I just want separate text. Just something talking about you, and what's in the picture.

- Tell me who you are (your account name), so I can credit it. You don't have to put your real name anywhere in there, but you sure can. Your caption text should definitely include your name (real or fake) as well. When people see the page, I want them to see "Bob playing Dr. Lunatic!" and not "Me playing Dr. Lunatic!"

- And I would love if you include your location. That'll be a fun bit of information.

- If you have multiple pictures, or pictures of multiple people, or multiple pictures of multiple people, bring it on. As much as you've got, I am interested. Pets are welcome too, but include them in the picture with the people - Every picture must have people in it!

- If you are a kid, make sure your parents approve of all of this before you send anything!

- e-mail your picture to with the caption, name, and location or whatever you're willing to share!

- Obviously, by sending in your picture, you give us the rights to post it on the site. In case you didn't get that...

What I don't want is artwork or anything fake or doctored - well, I do want that, but it'll go on the Fan Art page, not the Pictures page. So definitely send in your Hamumu art too, but that's a whole separate issue. The Fan Art page could always use some love. But this Pictures page is to show the world that real people are really into Hamumu, and it's not just a forum populated by a variety of bots I designed. Please don't photoshop yourself into a Hamumu game (or if you do, send it in as Fan Art, it would be very funny) - I want pure reality here!
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