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Default Super Fun Six Pack World

I am at 91% I have all the keychains, and the Loony key. I am missing something somewhere, can someone please tell me where the level is that I am missing and how to find it. This is what I have so far:

Dangerous Chemicals
Sneaker Factory
Ouestion to question
the car factory
mech tech wreck
cookies inc.
trash chamber
industrial showdown

hay fever
the cemetary
dun dun dun duuuuun
ye olde stained glass
ye olde flooded barn
a knightly duty
dangerous dungeons
the shroom room
castle showdown

cave women
cave men
cave capers
the primordial soup
sneak peek
fossil fueling
prehistioric showdown
dangerous swamps

ocean world tea party
fish out of water
pier peril
sneak island
the bermuda rectangle
davy jones locker
ocean showdown
whirly pool

underlave encounter
pump karts
one the run
he boiler room
the boom room
underlava encounter 2
boom room 2
pumpkin showdown
on the run 2

the curse
the curse 2
i dream of jeannie
big bad pumpkin
sneaky sneaky
ruins showdown
the mummy returns

In the prehistoric world there is an opening at the bottom right corner, but when you get in that space and go through it takes you to another open area. Are you suppose to get an x there, if so how do I do it. I have reentered all the worlds and I do not see any other place where there is another level. What am I missing?

This is a pretty cool level. I really liked it. Congrats to whoever made it.

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