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Yerfdog Costume Party Contest!


Another contest this month! This is a very straightforward one, and you can probably guess how it works already. What you haven't guessed is the prize.

Dress up as a Hamumu character, take a picture, and post it in this thread on (or before, but why ruin the surprise?) October 31st!

I will set up a secret poll on that day to vote for your favorite costume, with one week time limit.

The most popular costume will win 995 Yerfbucks. NINE HUNDRED AND NINETY FIVE! Second and third place will each win 100 Yerfbucks.

Tip: Don't just do Bouapha or Dr. Lunatic! There are literally hundreds of other characters and monsters to choose from. Just think how nice a Roly Poly costume would look! Do something creative and silly and people will really vote for it.

Fine print:

- No photoshopping at ALL. Just a straightforward picture of you in a costume. Feel free to make the pose and scene as exciting as possible, I'm sure it will affect peoples' votes. But do it with real objects, not on your computer! You certainly can and should crop your image down to a good size and composition, though.

- Only a single photo is allowed. Don't do a split screen set of pictures from different angles, an animated video, or anything else crazy. How well you plan your picture is part of the challenge!

- Feel free to email me your picture if you don't have a way to host it easily (though is super simple to use!). I can host it here in a nice high-quality format. If you are getting bad quality at photobucket or wherever, send it to me! Do that before the 31st though, so I have time to do it and get the link to you.

- The image you post must be less than 800 pixels wide, please. If you don't have a good way to resize it or know how, again, email it to me and I'll take care of it! Before the 31st!

- One entry per person. Choose wisely!
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