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Yerfdog Halloween Horror 9: Build!

Last year was the Best Halloween Ever. But this year will be better, raising the bar on Bestness of Halloweens! Here are the winning HH9 names:

Hammering Zombies Into Atoms!
Bone to Be Wild
Just Compare the Shocks!
Dawn of the Dumb
America's Most Haunted
The Hex Files
The Hills Have Brains
Residential Evil

10 YB to their creators: Gamer99, Hammered (3x!), SpiderPumpkin, Blackduck, TyTBone (2x!), and Coolguy!

So proceed to build some fabulous HH9 worlds, anybody! Some rules and tips and whatnot:

1. Entries must be in by October 27th!
2. Make a Supreme world with exactly 9 levels (plus a hub level). The 9 levels must be named exactly those 9 names listed above.
3. Your hub level (and therefore your world) must be named "Halloween Horror 9 - XX", where XX are your initials.
4. Save your world as hh9XX.dlw, where XX are those same initials again.
5. Any files you use (text files or pictures) should be named like this: "hh9XX_blah.txt", where XX are those same initials, and blah can be anything you want to make it memorable (and of course, txt can be bmp or flc if need be!).
6. Your 9 levels can be any combination of secret, normal, boss, keychain levels as you see fit.
7. If you send your world in before Oct 27th, and there are no errors in it, nothing that WTG would want fixed (this includes things being too hard, too annoying, or just no fun), you earn 50 Yerfbucks.

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