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Default Re: Best Halloween Ever 2008!

Originally Posted by Gamer99 View Post
Is Rick Roll acceptable?
Your surprise must be something good. Don't surprise us with one of those pictures that screams at you, or with hacking the website to be covered with profanity.
I suppose Rick Astley could be compared with a screamer nowadays. Now, you might argue that some people like "Never Gonne Give You Up", but either way, you wouldn't have made that yourself, and the point of this is of course to come up with/create something original.

On a different note, I'm assuming it's allowed to use Hamumu character designs (i.e. the ideas (intellectual property), not in-game gfx) in a BHE surprise on the Hamumu Forum without it being deleted for copyright infringement or something? (Not exactly sure what I'll do yet, but that question might matter)

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