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Default Re: Halloween Horror 9: Build!

Originally Posted by CatWoman View Post
I'm at a loss how those would translate to Hamumu Halloween games.
Actually, I had no trouble coming up with level ideas based on those names (though I'm not building a world; just wanted to see if they were really all that unusable). "The Hex Files" is actually pretty easy, since "hex" can also refer to a curse. I personally think this year's names are a lot better than those from the previous two years (for example, I found "Trick or 1337" and "Schrodinger's Bat" to be impossible to turn into a remotely clever level; the names this year are much more versatile compared to that).
Only difficult name I see on there is Iraqnophobia, which isn't very Halloween-ish either and imo shouldn't have been included in the list of names to choose from, but it's not impossible to work with (though the result likely wouldn't be a Halloween level).

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