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Default Re: "Furries" on American Dad!

Originally Posted by TyTBone View Post
(Thou should invest time in a real female, SP.)
True, true...
Originally Posted by chinook
completely and totally hide the furry stuff.
Actually, I was planning to marry someone who's a Furry as well :D Or at least likes Furries. Just because I believe common interests are important, not because of some weird Fursuit, uhm, fascination.
Originally Posted by bobinator1992
we're your friends.
Originally Posted by bobinator1992
have you ever thought of meeting a good psychiatrist?
That doesn't sound very friendly. Made me laugh, though.

EDIT: Some explanation: I do Furry stuff because it's fun. I am very well capable of thinking on a human level, thank you verrrrry much.

EDIT2: Oh, and I haven't heard of any Furry actually believing that they're an animal or wanting to marry an animal so far, although that is the common stereotype.

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