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Varkarrus the n00b

Resource: Annoyance. Annoyance is held by targets, and moves increase and use up your target's annoyance level.
HP: 8/8

Move 1: Shoop Da Woop D:5, -4 annoyance, range of 5.
Move 2: Spam: Increases all enemies annoyance level by 1. You can't move on the same turn you use.
Move 3: "How do I shewt???" : D:2, + 1 annoyance. Used at melee
Move 4: Pseudomod: For 3 turns, the enemy is temp-banned, and is not on the field, but can still use moves with infinite range or don't require a target. -3 annoyance.

Definatly needs balancing. Maybe shoop da woop should do little damage and take up little annoyance.
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