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Homestar the Runner
Color: Red
Health: 10/10
Speed: 5
Move 1: Seriously (CD: 1) (Do 3 damage to an adjacent or diagonally adjacent space)
Move 2: Appwy Libewawwy (CD: 1) (Gain 1 HP because Moun-tain Dwa is delicious. Also, 2 damage anywhere.)
Move 2: Supergiants (CD: 2) (Old-timey tentacle skull riding a penny farthing runs in an orthogonal direction, doing 2 damage to everybody in it's path)
Move 4: Everybody, everybody (CD: 3) (1 damage to everybody, everybody.)
Resource: Cool-downs

Edit: "That I am signing up", in accordance with the Clearly Say clause. Oh and feel free to ignore the numbers... health and speed should be fairly large and 1/2/3=sm/med/large CD/Damage values.

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