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Nah. I don't want to be a noob

Signs up as:

Varkarrus the Clockwork Golem / Ninja!
Hp: 15
Speed: 7

Move 1: Shuriken throw: D:1, range 5. Gives 2 chakra.

Move 2: Katan of Time Bending D: 2, Range: M. Character teleports 2 turns into the future. Gives 2 Chakra

Move 3: Compare the Clocks! Creates a clone clock that I can't control. He can only create the illusion of dealing damage (enemies health can go in the negatives) Gives 4 Chakra. Once killed, the enemies health reverts to it's true amount.

Move 4: Gear Grinder D:4, Range, hits all melee. Gives 3 Chakra

Resource: Chakra. Can only be lowered by geting hit. It gets lowered for every damage taken. Moves raise it. For every Chakra I have, my speed gets lowered (minimum of 1)

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