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Default Re: Dumb Accounts FAQ

Hamumu Forum 3.0!

There are a bunch of new options up, so I'll create a new question.

Question 15: What's with all this new stuff? whattheheckthisiskwazy!

The Hamumu forum has updated with a few new things as of November 13, 2008. I'll detail a few of the new features here.

Tags - You can now customize your threads with Tags. When creating a new thread, you can put a tag to it by entering them in the form right above the "Post Icons" area. You can search for threads based on their tags by clicking on the Search button.

Friends/Contacts - You can add other members as Friends or Contacts. To do this click on User CP, then Contacts & Friends. Contacts are instant, but if you want to add someone as a friend, you need to wait for them to approve of it.

Social Groups - That's right, groups are available now! Go to User CP and then Social Groups. You can create or join groups, and have group discussions within said groups. You can make them private, invite only or open to everyone.

Profile Viewage - There are a few new options on others' profile pages, such as viewing friends, statistics, or posting on their profile.(Much like Facebooks "Wall" thing.

Bookmark - At the bottom of each thread, you can now post a link to that thread to Stumbleupon, Google, or Digg. WTB more publicity for Hamumu!

You'll also notice that when you have notifications, such as group invites, your Private Message link will change to Notifications. No worries, you can still access your PMs by clicking on it, and it will change back after you view your notification.

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