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lo. man! jamul seems to hate me. but i dont know why. ive been losing sleep over this matter. worrying about me, AND hamumu... this place is filled with spam. and im only here on fridays so it cant be me... (hey, my visits are INSPECTING visits.) the thing is, no offense, but this place isnt run very well. pm me if you want to know why im saying that, and, no it's not because i have a grudge. if i say it in public... well i cant say why i cant say it in publicbecause of the thing it is in public, it's not RUDE or anything, just, it's the... ugh! it's confusing. i'd end up being here forever. and im supposed to be leaving.

and redbone, what are you talking about? "so you're leaving because of something you did yourself?"
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