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Default Re: Costume Party Contest! Free Winter Pack!

And shortly after it started, the contest is OVAH!

I hadn't actually thought of the competition involving Costume Party until I got a bunch of submissions that did. Obviously, in hindsight, it makes perfect sense, especially since you need to have the Creator's Pass to win!

There were tons of entries, which was surprising and cool! Lots of good ideas to sift through, but I decided to go with the ones that were related to Costume Party, since that's what this is for.

And so....

SpaceManiac is the runner-up... his entry was a contest where you build the level with the highest Awesomeness, using only the Tricks and Treats tab. Nice and simple! But then when going back over them I noticed that it was for a 2-person team! I'm not sure how people can collaborate on Costume Party building at all (though a collaborative editor sounds like a pretty cool feature idea)!

So, the winner is Coolguy! His is much more complex (which is where SpaceManiac had the edge), but should lead to some good levels. I will now post the contest in another thread, and get to work on entering it, so you can win your own Winter Pack!
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