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Yerfdog Coolguy's Costume Party Contest

Non-Annual Salem Puzzle Frenzy Or Whatever Witch-Themed Name You Want To Call It!

People don't make Witch puzzles enough, even though there's plenty of potential! This contest is meant to remedy that.

The goal is to make the best witch level in Costume Party. People make as many levels as they want, but they must fit these guide lines:

1) The player must mainly use the Witch costume and must use her zapping powers several times to complete the level. However, the player can also use the Ghost and Frank costumes and anti-costume squares, so pushing crates, scaring enemies, and having to put up with Kid Hollow are all strategic options. The use of these costumes must not be as important to the level as the use of the witch! She's the star in this contest!

2) The player can only use the Gargoyle, Frog, Spider, and Mummy enemies. These are puzzles; Not ''evade the enemy'' or ''kill everything to death'' levels, so none of the Screamers or Grues or Deadly Trees. (The reason I left Frog in is because the Witch has to summon a frog anyways, the Mummies are easy, Gargoyles are just moving platforms, and Spiders aren't that dangerous and their up-and-down movement makes them useful for certain puzzles)

3) No time limits, also to prevent entries from just being action levels.

4) Levels must be turned in before Saturday, Nov 22nd. You are advised to turn them in a day or two before at least, so that there is time for them to get rated by players. Make as many as you like. Your level must be rated by at least 10 players to be eligible to win, so the earlier the better.

5) Your level name must begin with "Witch:", so I can find them.

6) At Noonish my time on Nov 22nd, I'll do a search in Costume Party, searching for "Witch:" as the name, and sorting by Awesomeness. The top 2 entries (that are by 2 different people) win! If one of the winning entries doesn't follow the rules, I'll keep moving down the list until I find a legal one.

7) Don't be a jerk. Rate the levels honestly! I know some people won't, but that should be factored in equally across them all, so it will work out.
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