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Game Comments

-Like I figured, there was definitely class balance issues. Characters with hit-lots-of-targets powers had a huge benefit because they could ''level up'' and increase their max HP easier. NoFM's Nanobot Swarm and Sillyman's Everybody Everybody move are examples of this. Plus, some moves were just too crazy-powerful, like NoFM's move that made mana no longer an issue, or Julian's plague move.

-World shrinkage worked! People couldn't run for very long. >: D And it prevented an issue of 40 rounds of running, like last game.

-Unfortunately, XP bonus didn't really work, because of the already-mentioned issue with multi-target moves being too good at getting XP.

-I liked the idea of ''customizing'' characters... But maybe I'll do customization some other way, like making a list of skills and people spend points on it or something.

-I might make the game only have 6 to 8 people next time... Several people dropped out or lurked to death in this game.
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