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Default Re: "Dave Hettel" and other classic Hamumuians

I knew Evil Eye for a little while. Hmm... He was a cool guy, but I don't remember much about him. He was doing a project or something Hamumu-related. He might have been Canadian, but I'm not sure. Dave Hettel was a space pirate. Oh! Two users called Death and ladymage were really friendly and nice, and we used to play a forum game called "Spam Battle" and it was lots of fun. It started out as a "Capture the Flag" sort of game, but it was fun and zany. We could make up our own towns, fortresses, characters, powers, enemies, allies... It was amazing! It started to get against-hamumu-rules-dark however, and we were swearing a little bit, so it was closed, and Ladymage and Death were banned. They were revived but I haven't heard from Ladymage since. It's been a long time, so other then that I don't remember much.
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