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Default Re: Leigon of the Doomed RPG

Name: The Great Gummy
Skills: Using his power. No other skills, as his power is vastly useful in many cases.
Crazeskill: Gummy Bomb=Nuclear bomb crammed full of 'The Gummy Virus' which just so happens to turn stuff into gummies.
Power: Ability to turn objects and in some cases people/animals into Gummies.
Weapon(Optional): Fire sword. Used for melting his foes after he turns them to gummy. Or cutting through walls that he has turned to gummy.
Species: Human.

Origin: He just wanted to make children happy with his tasty Gummy Snacks... It all would have been fine if the kids that he tested his candy on hadn't turned into giant gummy bears.

It was at that point that he decided it was probably a bad idea for him to have eaten the leftover gummies. But he got lucky, instead of becoming a giant gummy himself, he just fused with it and became able to manipulate and summon it.

And that's when he started stealing candy instead of giving it away. Oh, and money and jewelry aswell.
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