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Default Re: According to this data....

A rule states that if you try to apply any data to the thought of religion, you get a backwards and upside down bomb. The bomb, is made up of pure energy, with you only having 3 lunars to disarm it. It is impossible to disarm, unless you reapplied that data, to the bombs coordinates. UNFORTUNATELY that is an impossible action. Unless you had the right level of science to do this. Id say a 98 percentile would suffice. UNFORTUNATELY YOU DO NOT HAVE THIS LEVEL OF SCIENCE, completely eradicating all signs of help. This would eventually implode the energy bomb, creating a worm hole that would suck up everything epic. Meaning, the internet would not exist anymore. Then the worlds mainframe would fail, and we would go into an apocalypse, and destroy the entire 3rd dimension as we know it. Then we would be DROPPED into the 2nd dimension. The only way to escape would be if you drew a 3d box. The entire world would implode. But because there is no third dimension, we would go to the 4th dimension, Resulting in a GIANT CRACK in the space time continuum letting in all that is evil, besides humans. The world would fall backwards, and the existence of anything would cease.
Go play video games instead.
Also, 53 billion lightyears is about
3.1135388869e+25 miles, witch is TECHNICALLY an impossible distance.

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