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Default Re: According to this data....

The theory of moon sphagetti os irrelevant. The crossing over from one dimension yo another would crack the space time continium or disintegrate the object crossing over therefore the distance to travel is impossible, thus resulting in a meshwork of dimensions and ultimately the cracking of the space time continium which will allow us to build a time machine and go back in time, thus stopping us from breaking the space time continium in the first place but then no time machine would exist and we would be trapped in the event horizon but that would lead us to learning stuff and saving the world countless times from total and utter annihalation but that's just a theory ofcourse. My hypothesis could be true if I developed a special kind of spacecraft that runs on time and thus with every second it will travel thousands of miles and reaching into the fifth dimenson, cracking the space time continium and then ultimately ruling the universe

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