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Default Rage effects

I noticed that it was hard to get a lot of information about the different rage effects in Supreme with Cheese, so here they are. You might have to click on the pictures, since small details are lost in the thumbnails. Also, please note the values, especially times, were experimentally found, and might be off by 0.2 seconds or so. Rage effects like Bombs, Toaster, Torch, Turrets, Jet Pack, Swap Gun, Machete, Freeze ray, and AK-8087 proved too laborious to count shots on. Feel free to do so if you simply must know how many bullets are fired.

Rage Effects

Shoots 3 hammers in the standard 10 directions quickly

Supreme Squeezy Cheese Hammers:
Same as Hammers, but with explosive bouncy yellow hammers and a little less accurate.

Shoots AK-8087 bullets for 1.5 seconds in approximately the standard 8 directions.

Big Axe:
Shoots 10 axes forward at about 3 times normal axe throwing speed.

Cherry Bombs:
Less than one second of scattered bomb explosions randomly generated within the screen

Freeze Ray:
Fires 3 spirals of Freeze Ray shots that rotate 60 degrees. Note that this only covers half of your surroundings.

Jet Pack:
Fires a Jet Pack burst in each of the 8 standard directions. If you are stationary when you fire it looks like this:

If you are moving, it looks like this:

Land Mines:
Creates a series of 5 widening rings of 8 Land Mine explosions. Perhaps the most powerful rage of all.

Missile Pack:
Fires a barrage of 16 missiles roughly distributed in every direction.

Randomly scatters Machete strikes around the screen for about 0.5 seconds.

Mind Control Ray:
Fires 1 Mind Control Ray shot in each of the standard 8 directions.

Reflect Shield:
Holds a Reflect Shield for 2 seconds. You can walk while using this.

Monster Scanner:
Fires 2 scanner shots in (guess what?) the standard 8 directions.

Flimsy Spears:
Fires 7 spears quickly in the standard 3 hammer directions.

Stop Watch:
Heals Bouapha 32 life.

Fires 4 spirals of green bullets that rotate 45 degrees.

Randomly scatters single flames throughout the screen for 1.5 seconds.

Exactly identical to the Toaster rage, but here's another picture anyway:

Fires 4 spirals of green bullets that rotate 90 degrees. Similar to the Swapgun rage, but twice as good.

Zap Wand:
Zaps random people within range for about 1.5 seconds.

I hope this guide was helpful to you. If you have questions, please ask!

In case you were curious, yes, I did sit down for about three hours and study each and every special weapon extensively, taking printscreens and recording data.
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