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Default Re: giant monster biology

first of all,it has nothing to do with bomb tests. Thats a lie they tell you so they don't have to tell you the very long true story. Now,you all know that radioactive elements decay over time,there for millions of years ago,there were more. Some of this infested lakes and ponds,killing even microscopic life. Animals coming by to drink would die,poisonded by these radioactive elements. some times the bodys were swept in. Even after it died,the body would still twitch,hit with random electric charges. The bacterea die in these ponds,so no decay. The body actualy fossilizes with the radioactive elements! slowly but surely,dead cells begin to activate,reproducing other living cells. The thing hat rises out of the water resembles the creature that died,but its cellular structure would more acuritely be a waiking nuclear reactore! I could also tell you why aliens try to take over earth in the movies.

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