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Default Re: giant monster biology

Originally Posted by peter View Post
if that was true,mummification wouldn't be possible,stuff decays because bacterea eats it! lets stop arguing and get on to why aliens try to take over the world in godzilla films!
In mummification, they use a technique to prevent the cells membranes from falling apart, but the inside of the cell would probably still decompose. Also, a dead cell never becomes living.
Originally Posted by peter View Post
the random radioactive elements re-animates them. As for broken down,the bacteria that cause decay die in this water
Do you mean radioactivity just happens to hit enough cells in just the right way so they become living again? That's like taking a broken clock and shooting a machone gun at it, then expecting it to start working again. Also, in order for a cell to work, it needs blood. the blood would have already died, and been unable to transport oxygen. And fossilization? That means chemicals in the body get replaced by other minerals, slowly turning it into rock.
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