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Exclamation My Ghost/Spirit Threory. PLEASE READ.

Ok, here is my theory, some people may say "oh, yeah, that makes sense now!" and some may say "Yeah right." Try not to laugh at the first part. Anyway, here goes.

Part 1 of 3: Ghost/Spirit creation.

During your lifetime, a gas developsaround your body. it is within your skin, and when you are born, you have enough of this gas to cover your head's skin. When you are 16/17, when you stop growing, the gas is still being developed. So it starts working its way down your body. by the age of 60/80, it has grown down to the waist of your body. when you die and start to rot, this gas is released. The gas will stay in whe shape of your body, but can change shape at will. people who live to about 60/80's gas will not have legs, just wavy line where their legs should be. but people who live a very, very long life will have their whole body to use. the gas can move around at will, and is not visible unless it wants to be, by getting his particles closer together. What to call this gas? call it your soul, your spirit or your ghost.

Part 2 of 3: "BOO!"

Beleive it or not, ghosts get bored. They only thing they can really do to amuse themselves is, let's face it, scare humans of the living. Ghosts sometimes claim castles and such as their own territory, and will scare anyone off who lives in it. It's not always castles, though. Ghosts may simply haunt regular houses. you know when you see something at the corner of your eye, then you turn around, and there's nothing there? Let me explain it. It is simply a ghost or spirit preparing something to scare you. and by turning around to look, you are spoiling their plan. so they simply put things back to normal and expand their particles so you can't see them. Foiled again! They might try again later, though.

Part 3 of 3: A few tips

1. Yes, it is true, a vacuum cleaner can get rid of ghosts.
2. DONT USE A VACCUM CLEANER TO GET RID OF GHOSTS. EVEN IF THEY ARE THRETENING TO KILL YOU. It is much worse for them to be sucked in than for you to die, as they will be in that vacuum cleaner for infinity unless you let them out, and i'm not sure if they can talk, so they wont be able to tell you how much pain they're going through.
3. Vacuum cleaner are for use ON THE GROUND.
4. If you are absolutely sure that there is a ghost about, DO NOT LET IT KNOW THAT YOU KNOW IT IS THERE. It will be so upset, if it had tears it would be crying. dont ask why.
5. Be nice to ghosts. Nuff said.
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