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Default My Alternate Theory

Ghosts are obviously made out of psychotronic nanobots, which were created by the dinosaurs from Pluto who moved there 12,103 years ago with the aid of their prophets, Elvis Presley and Bigfoot, and have spent recent years ruining Earth bureaucracy by replacing signatures with the name Washington Irving... or, when that got monotonous, Irving Washington. This scourge upon our world was caused by those evil science-men declaring that Pluto isn't a planet.

Anyone who says otherwise is an ignorant communist-witch-terrorist-heretic-midget-orphan-foreigner-subversive, working for the evil science-men who want evil things like evidence and rationalism.

And as for the corner-of-your-eye thing, that doesn't prove ghosts at all! How is that evidence? Everybody knows those are the midgets sneaking up on you.
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