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I figured that a discussion should take place here rather than amongst the comments, as triple posting in there seems to be frowned upon. Here are some of my comments from already in there.

One thing I must admit is that the logo is a little bit of a turn-off. It's cute [and I do enjoy the design], but [even though you aren't trying to just be "kid"-y] I do feel that if that's one of the first things teenagers/tweenagers see when they first come here [maybe you are trying for an even younger demographic, though], THEY might find it too kiddish. For me, it's mainly the word "clubhouse". Consider changing it to "Hangout" or "Fortress" or "Planet Hamumu" or just make up a word people will remember - "Cribbex". ; )
I just realized I contradicted myself in my latter post. I get the feeling you aren't trying to be "stereotypically" kid-y in the feel and look, but you want to attract kids.

Either way, change is inevitable, but it can lead to "security" issues with members who seriously rely on this site for ... um ... emotional stability? [Maybe]

One thing I'm curious about is this statement: "
Just making what I want and saying "Here it is!" doesn't pull people in." Does that mean Jamul wants to focus even MORE on Flash games than he had previously planned? I sure hope that he can keep his trademark 2.5 style, because, to me, they represent the "QUALITY", and [while this statement might seem rude] I don't want Hamumu to just become another Flash games site. Flash games are nice, but they don't have that ... what's the word ... IMMERSION that I like with SwC, LL2, etc. Costume Party [which feels like a Flash game to me] is of course really cool and I like the concept, but it doesn't have the immersion I [and Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw] like, due to a lack of storyline imo.

Anyways, discuss, please ...
(I just read the sig, what a throwback)

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