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Yerfdog New to Hamumu? Introduce yourself!

Hey everybody! If you're new, or just haven't done this yet, post an introduction here. Tell us about yourself, whatever information you feel like sharing. It's just a chance to get an idea of who everyone is.

I shall begin:
I'm Mike Hommel and I run this joint. I live in Anza, California. I'm a vegetarian. If you need help with stuff, contact me! There are handy resources for doing that sort of thing all over the site. Or better yet, post in a forum or ask on chat, so other people can help you, and I can be lazy. I'll still help you in those places too.

I play World of Warcraft about 92 hours a day. If you want to join my WoW guild, please do! We are The Hamumu Clan, a Horde guild on Caelestrasz (that's Oceanic, which doesn't show up for EU players, unfortunately), and we just hang out and chat while we play. Add Cheezypoof to your friends list and you can catch me on there. I play 10 guys, so I'm not often on Cheezypoof, but he's officially my 'main', the one I'm trying to get achievements on. Other famous versions of me include Barokorcbama, Icanhasmagic, Nopulse, Dedmanwalkin, and Peopletipper. You can also just PM me so we can arrange a time we'll both be on to get you in the guild!

I also enjoy making games on occasion, long walks on the beach, and drawing and playing other video games and cooking and writing and reading and whatever.

Please no posts in this thread other than introductions! If you have something to say about someone's intro, make a separate thread to discuss it.
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