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Default Re: New to Hamumu? Introduce yourself!

Hey, there. I'm TyTBone, aka Tyler. I was born in Washington State in '88, then my parents moved to Maryland when I was one because my dad got a job at a publishing house. I lived in MD until last year, when I went down to TN to attend college. [Stayed there for roughly 2 three month periods, but am currently home for the summer.] I have two younger brothers, one of whom is the "splitting" image of me, we joke. We also built an attachment onto our house [which is nearly surrounded entirely by cow pasture] for my grandmother to live. I don't go for loving specific bands, but I'm a big fan of rock, classic rock, Christian rock - especially the songs that admit that life can be really hard [I find many worship songs to be generic]. I don't have much room to list all the movies I like [but believe me, I have standards], but I'm a fan of action mostly. Don't to a whole lot of reading, except I have emotional issues. :P Hamumu: I came to Hamumu in Jan. 2008 [imo], and irritated some people with my opinions. [Though fortunately they didn't hold grudges ... mostly] Ultimately I think I've become a more understanding person because of these things [and decided that, as a Christian, it's MUCH better to focus on vital / basic needs of people than political opinions], though I still swat flies and am a vegetarian just for health reasons. Although ultimately I believe that video games are a waste of time, this site has become the main stopping point on my online excursions [at least at home], and I want to give back to the indie. Supreme with Cheese has a huge, wonderful variety of levels, while LL2 has more of a storyline, specific missions, and stuff to collect. Both good games.
(I just read the sig, what a throwback)

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