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Default Re: New to Hamumu? Introduce yourself!

Hello all you people! I go by SpaceManiac around here and other places too, but my real name is Tad. I'm into video games and game development and absolutely love the games Hamumu makes. I spend a lot of times on the forum and chat here and can also be found at the website of the game development group of my friends and I, named after a made-up animal called the Platymuus. My favorite Hamumu games are Supreme with Cheese, Loonyland 2 CE, Costume Party, and Kid Mystic. I'm just going into high school and am looking forward to becoming an indie game developer in the future. I don't know exactly when or how I found Hamumu, but the first ever game I bought from it was Stockboy, when the games still came in fancy DVD cases. I'm not very organized in my writing, as you can probably tell.
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