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Default Re: New to Hamumu? Introduce yourself!

Hello, My name is Max, I couldn't think of a decent username either so I just used my first name.I am 14 years old and about to start 9th grade. My main interests are playing sports (football, basketball, cricket etc), reading novels, pwning video games and annoying everyone with my constant blabbering. I am a chatterbox in real life and I talk a lot online too. I don't listen to music much, and don't watch a lot of animes. I am more of an outdoorsy person. Clearly you can figure out that I have a very strange personality. The first time I found out about Hamumu was last year when one of my friends bought Dr.L. I really liked that game so I came here. But unfortunately due to my parents forbidding me to online shop, I have yet to get that game. Anyways, since then I've been coming to Hamumu regularly and I have a lot of fun here. That is all

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