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Default Re: New to Hamumu? Introduce yourself!

Hello, my username is Manga Chic, as you can see, but my real name is *a large force of angry, stampeding howler monkeys runs by and prevents you from hearing my real name* and I am *stampede runs by again, accompanied by a few elephants, and covers up the sound of my voice* years old, and I live in *a large portion of the ceiling crashes down, once again preventing you from hearing my answer*. I figured out what this site was a year ago, at least and LOVED it the first time I TRIED to play Spooky Castle (before I was afraid of losing and looking dumb But ya can't prevent me from looking stupid!). My sole interests are Hamumu (well, duh), drawing, writing, and listening to my iPod, preferably the Smashing Pumpkins. (someone laughs their butt off) IT'S NOT FUNNY!!
My personality is hard to explain, as it's according to how school is going. So far, I've been joyful, fun-loving, sobbing and full of poutiness, back to joyful, a little damaged inside but still sickly joyful, and (most recently) bitter, self-hating 23% of the time, and deadpan snarky. I therefore (as usual) blame my evil teachers and 20 seconds-lasting "friends". Not to say that's really who I am, as here I am more myself: Laughing and overreacting. Which rhymes. You can probably tell I'm weird by now.
My family actually came across Hamumu first, when they had Spooky Castle from E-games. Then we either had to get the fix the computer (erasing files) or get a new one.
Years later my brother came across it and my dad played it on his and mom's computer after we installed it again, and I watched but never played it. When I finally decided to, the following pretty much ensued:
Me: Can't help it! My eyes are stuck to the screen and won't let go! CALL AN AMBULANCE!!!
Anyway, for newbies, go down to the games section and download Dr. Lunatic: Supreme with Cheese and entertain yourself for the rest of your life!!
[of course you don't get it.]
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