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Default Re: New to Hamumu? Introduce yourself!

My name is Matthew, but everybody just calls me Matt. I'm 15 and will soon get my Driving Licence. My username is what I go by on practically everything I do online, with the exception of Runescape (where I am called jellyman1880). I enjoy the arts and am pretty good at writing, drawing, and playing the Trombone. I've been writing Sonic fanfiction on my deviantart page (where I am also SonicChaos1993) for a couple years now, and I will be posting an Oblivion fanfic sometime soon. I also run a webcomic, Nintendo Lakes, on my website (Again, SonicChaos1993). That's what the quote in my sig is from, if you're wondering. I also study various forms of psychokinesis, and am a somewhat skilled aerokinetic.

I'm an entreprenuer and computer game developer and run a computer game business called Creative Games Co. (Somebody took the Creative Games URL so I had to add Co at the end of the name) I enjoy playing video games such as: Supreme With Cheese, Loonyland 2, Costume Party, Oblivion, Sonic games, Halo games, Gears of War 1 & 2, God of War, Star Wars Battlefront 1 and 2, etc. I also enjoy playing mafia (though I did forget that I was in the current game when it started and was lynched day 1 ) and other forum games.

When I have time, I play Runescape, where I am known as jellyman1880 or jelly for short. I run a clan in the game and am a Lv40 mage. I also play online games on my iPod Touch: Reign of Swords (Sonicchaos Aquitani), Ninjas (Sonicchaos1993), and Aurora Feint: Arena Daemons (Sonicchaos1939).

On this site, I run the Hamumu Chess Tournament (HCT), Dumb Dare contests (DD), and the Amulet of Mana Forum RPG.

Oh, and I also type long posts.

AGLA FL15 Pro Circuit Champion - Tank for Hybrid Theory (AGLA) - Captain/Hybrid for Zero Logic (GGL)
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