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Default 2009: The year of everything going wrong

Yup. I know from everyone, that EVERYTHING is going horrible this year.
Some people are fine, but not me.
List stuff thats gone horrible this year.

Billy mays died.
Micheal jackson died.
A certain torrent website was bought out, as unceremoniously as Napster.
A couple other celebrity's died.
Hamumu is changing
My internet is Breaking and slow.
My computer got BOMBED with 4-5 viruses.
My friend's computer sent me spam emails.
My other friends computer got the rictor virus.
Firefox keeps crashing.
Varkarrus was banned.

What next?
A nuclear bomb sends us...into....a...apocalypse.
Oh no.
Their taking the awesome people early.
Celebritys and such.
And then....

Bad events always lead up to a HUGE bad event.
Anyway post bad stuff thats happened this year.

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