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Default Re: New to Hamumu? Introduce yourself!

Hi everybody. I'm pizza, or at least that's my nickname here. I used to be a lot more active but nowadays I just visit the Hamumu forums every now and then. I live in Finland, I'm 20 years old (21 in October), and I never give my real name on the internets. I've got a big family and I still live with my folks. I like to design and make games with Game Maker, and I occasionally program some stuff with Python, PHP, C++ and some other languages (did never learn anything thoroughly). When typing in English I often check up on some words and spellings and I double-check my posts so that they don't contain any embarrassing errors. Yeah, and I'm nerdy and unsocial.

I joined the forums in 2005 but I've been playing Hamumu games since, I don't know, 2000? Then, in 2004, I heard that Hamumu Software had released a massive game called Dr. Lunatic: Supreme with Cheese. That's when I went to their site and downloaded all the demos, and later bought some of the games.

I've been keeping busy with work lately but maybe I'll dig up Supreme some time and make some worlds again.
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