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Default Re: Anyone interested in the return of SHFBA?

Alright, I have enough people, so I'll start working on the revisions. You can still sign up to reserve a place in the first brawl.

However, I'd like to pass one idea through the players, as making it would involve changes to the base formula; Arenas. Basically, it would work pretty similarly to Champions, as it would be a grid that the players move and fight in. There would be obstacles on the map (pillars, hidden traps, spike walls, etc.) High-level champions (with Paint.NET or a similar program) would be able to buy their own custom arenas. So, fighters, good idea, bad idea, or does it need some changes? If I get enough good ideas, I'll use it, enough bad ideas and I'll use the old system. Keep in mind, though, it will make hosting more difficult, as they will have an image to modify as well as stats and a narrative.
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