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Default Re: Anyone interested in the return of SHFBA?

I'd like everyone to now post what they would like their starting items to be if they could. If you meet the requirements for the Fancy Banner (the item you get for advertising the game in your sig), I'll give it to you automatically.

Starting items can be (pick one of each);

Main Weapons;

Standard Issue Shortsword + Cheap Buckler (+1 Armor)

Rusty Brass Knuckles (+1 Melee Damage)

Used Axe + Cheap Buckler (+1 Armor)

Retired Blacksmith's Hammer + Cheap Buckler (+1 Armor)

Petty Thief's Dagger (+1 Melee Damage)

Improvised Battleaxe (+1 Melee Damage)

Broadsword of Beginners (+1 Melee Damage)

Bigger Retired Blacksmith's Hammer (+1 Melee Damage)

Walking Stick (+1 Mana Regeneration)

Ranged Weapons;

Boy Scout's Bow + 50 Loosely-Nocked Arrows (+1 Ranged Damage)
Rustic Blunderbluss (1 Reload Time, 1 Ammo) + 50 Scavenged Bullets (+2 Ranged Damage)
50 Old Kitchen Knives (+1 Ranged Damage)
20 Pointy Rocks on Sticks (doubles as a melee weapon)

Armor (everyone is automatically equipped with Worn Trousers, Worn Gloves, and Worn Boots)

Itchy Cloth Robes (regenerate 2 Mana every 2 turns)

Loosely-Stitched Leather Jerkin (+1 Mobility)

Plastic Chainmail Vest (+1 Armor)

One-Sixth Iron Plate Armor (+2 Armor, -1 Mobility)

Potions (everyone gets to pick 2 instead of one)

Children's Health Potion (Restores 4 HP)
Warm Tap Water (Restores 2 Mana)
World's Strongest Ant's Potion (Restores 2 Stamina)

A little explanation of some things there you may be unfamiliar with;

1. Armor reduces damage you take from melee and ranged attacks by the amount of armor you have. For instance, a 3-damage sword slash does 2 damage if you have 1 armor.

2. Melee & ranged damage- self explanatory. Adds damage to your melee and ranged attacks.

3. Mobility is a bit harder to explain. Having positive, negative, or zero Mobility points does nothing to affect damage. However, attacking and (attempting) to dodge so much can really wear on your stamina if you don't have lightweight armor. If you have negative mobility, then every turn that you choose to use a move that costs Stamina or Mana adds the amount of Mobility points below zero you have to the cost. Likewise, if you have positive Mobility, the cost of your ability is reduced by your Mobility. Mobility cannot restore Stamina or Mana.
Also, having low Mobility can actually be dangerous all its own, as if you run out of Stamina and haven't paid the price of the move, you take damage (2 HP per 1 Stamina that you went overboard). If you run out of Mana in a similar manner, you become Spellshocked for the next turn, causing your armor to reduce by 2 + your current level. Sounds complex, but it basically means positive mobility good, negative mobility bad. However, armor with a high armor value often has negative mobility.

4. You may notice the ranged weapons have ammunition now- that means that if you use ranged attacks you must buy ammo to keep up with it. However, it can be worth it, as you won't have to buy as many potions, as ranged attacks cost lower Stamina and, occasionally, mana (some ranged moves involve enchanting your shots). Also, guns and crossbows can deal a lot of damage, but take a while to reload (the only one available now is the Rustic Blunderbluss, which, as represented by the "1 Reload", takes 1 turn to reload). Guns have the advantage of being able to hold ammunition (represented by the Rustic Blunderbluss' "1 Ammo", which means you get 1 shot before a reload).

Whew, that took a while to type. Anyways, it looks like a long read, but really, most of it is common sense and easy to remember.

EDIT: Seeing so much approval for the arenas, if I can find someone who can make neat, tidy grids (a 10x10, 15x15, and 20x20), I will add a bunch of stuff in a monthly update that will make modifications to allow for arenas.
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