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Default Re: New to Hamumu? Introduce yourself!

Hello World! I am Redbone, my real name is Alex. Pretty much every day I use the computer for 15+ hours. Either it's smashing keyboard games, web surfing, or working on projects stored in here. I have a Wii, but don't use it much. Usually I play it when I feel like failing, or if a friend comes over. It's no fun with just one Wii Remote, but much more fun with the GC Controller! Which I use whenever I can, because Motion Control is sometimes too funky.
I like danmaku (curtain fire shooter) games, especially the Touhou series. Really, they're easier than they look. Most of the time your player has a smaller hitbox than the sprite, so if you know where that is, hardest difficulty will be a breeze. Beside danmaku comes the platforming genre. Who doesn't like smashing the said "A" button to jump off falling platforms while stomping and bouncing off your enemies to create a chain of 1ups? Side scrolling platformers is my thing, free roam 3D is too much for me. That's why I like the Sonic/Mario/Rockman series, they are easy to control.
If I'm on the computer, I usually have music playing, usually video music, or songs created from the game music. Examples of these would be Marisa Stole the Precious Thing, Okkusenman, and UN Owen was Her.
I have one pet, a parrot. My parrot Polo doesn't imitate human speech (He used to, but I didn't exist back then), but still makes funny and annoying noises. He eats peanuts, sunflower seeds, and well, wants everything me and my family eat. Even if it's bad for him, he'll still want it.
I found out about Hamumu via one of of eGames packs (Different versions of demos!). I joined about 5 years back, I think because we were having trouble with some Hamumu games. Back then all the funky vBulletin stuff was phpBB, and the fun stuff like trophies, Yerfbucks, and Webgames were not in existence yet.

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