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Default Re: Leigon of the Doomed RPG

TGG: Alright, I'm going to throw this shoe!
TS: I hope it doesn't explode.
TGG: On 3! When I throw it everybody run. Okay
DD: Lets run away before he throws it
TGG: 1.... 2..........3!!

TGG throws the shoe at the black orb, the shoe hits the orb and with a crack the shoe disappears!

TGG: What the?
TS: What happened?
TGG: The shoe disappeared!
TS: What?
DD: Where did it go?
TGG: I have no idea.
TS: Well, there goes your spirit theory.
TGG: There still could be spirits in there.
DD: I'm not sure, lets head back, and since you threw my shoe, I have to walk on one leg!
TGG: Sorry, but lets stay here and fling some other stuff at it.
DD: Well I'm going back!
TGG: hmm, so its not safe to touch it.
TS: I don't know but if we don't do something the planets going to disintegrate.
TGG: Your species built it! You must know how it works!
TS: Hmm, examine it more?

On another planet, Doom tries to make a minion out of the gooey stuff, he succeeds and a small minion appears, the minion seems to be made of gummy!

GM: Rawr! Where am I?
Doom: I have no idea, I was hoping you'd know.
GM: Hmm, I was summoned by TGG onto this planet to destroy it?
Doom: TGG?
GM: He's my master. He and a couple of other friends are trying to stop Furzorg.
Doom: Furzorg! He trapped me in that void! Oh! Well I should thank your master, where is he now?
GM: I think on some faraway planet, I'll try and contact him.

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