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Default Re: New to Hamumu? Introduce yourself!

Hi, I'm Justin, my screename used on Hamumu and in real life. Elsewhere on the internet I am mostly known as FearMyWrench, alternations include FearMyUbersaw! or just Fear!

I am a Hamumu fan from 2002 when I first discovered such from the logo flash on Spooky Hallow from an e-games 100 games pack. For a good year, I woke up at 6am to see if Supreme was released as a little kid not realizing that it was pointless.

Shortly after release of Supreme in Sep 03, I noticed the forums proceeding to lurk for months until in 2004 bothering to join and at the same time discovering the editor and such.

I was active for a good few years until after Duhcember finished and I didn't see as much reason to come here, then my lack of bothering to come here more then every month or two began.

I can be found playing as Healzora on Eitrigg realm and not so oftenly on the Hamumu realm/guild on World of Warcraft, FearThatSaw! on OMGPOP, and FearMyUbersaw! on various other places.

If you bothered to read my wall of text... thanks.

P.S. Jamul: Duhcember, regardless of how much work went into it everyday to make it run, was a very compelling reason to come here and you should not give up on such events.
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