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Default Re: Leigon of the Doomed RPG

OOC: Where did everyone else go? Just because I left for a week is no reason to end this./OOC

TGG: .... One of my minions needs me! The signal is so faint though.... They must be a really long way away!
GK: Actually, you're abilities are still lowered from summoning that blob. They COULD be really close!

TGG: You're right....
*TGG notices there is a tree growing in the distance*

TGG: Hey guys.... When did that tree get there?
TS: Why hasn't it been turned to goo?

TGG: No, it just appeared. It wasn't there a few minutes ago!
TS: Oh.... It doesn't look like a normal tree...
DD: Yeah, it's all black, and it appears to have some sort of black gems for fruit and leaves.
TGG: Let's go investigate!

TS: I'm not sure it's safe to be touching...
TGG: DD! Gimme your other shoe, K will carry you!

DD: AHHHH! NO! *DD tries to hop away from TGG but it is hopeless, TGG takes the other shoe and GK lifts DD off the ground*

TGG: Right then..... HUMPH! *TGG hurls the shoe at the tree*
Eh. Have some smilies I guess.
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