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Default Re: Leigon of the Doomed RPG

TS: Well, I guess I better go do something. We're not making any progress by running away from everything.
DD: I still say we should get out of here.
TGG: You're not in any position to give orders.
DD: If you hadn't used my shoes, I'-
TGG: TS is already going.
DD: *sigh*

TS goes and touches the tree, apparently nothing happens.

TS: Wow, that was weird.
TGG: What?
TS: I thought I'd disappear or something, but nothing happened.
TGG: I guess its safe, I'll touch it too!
DD: No! You'll get vaporized.
TGG: I'm taking that chance.
GK: Shouldn't I try first?

TGG touches the gems, nothing happens again.

TGG: hmm, unlike those orbs this thing is safe.
DD: How're you so sure?
TGG: because nothing happened!
TS: I wonder what this gray orb is
TGG: Look! One of the gems is transforming!
DD: What?!

One of the gems on the tree glows bright red, then a black orb forms.

DD: What was that?
TGG: I think this tree is manufacturing those orbs!

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