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Default Re: Leigon of the Doomed RPG

The gem hits the orb and a black light fills the area. The heroes peer at the place where the orb was, they observe that the orb is still there but no sign of the gem.

TGG: Well I guess that didn't work
DD: Where'd the gem go?
GK: It probably disappeared like the shoe.
TS: How do we take care of this little problem? If we don't do something soon, the planets going to become a goo wasteland!
DD: I wonder what'll happen after that
TGG: I think we should try and fix this problem.
TS: How?

TGG: What? AM? How'd you get here?
AM: I made more shoes, but thats not the point right now, the underground city has started to turn into goo!
TS: What?!
AM: Yeah, hurry and do something!
TS: Well we figured out that this tree manufactures those orbs, but we don't know how to destroy them.
TGG: Hey! Lets try and destroy this tree first, so it doesn't make any more orbs.
TS: I wonder if we can destroy it.

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