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Default Re: Leigon of the Doomed RPG

GK: You know what? I think I can handle that....
*GK picks up the shoe that TGG threw at the tree. He holds his arm out and a long staff forms, he crushes the shoe into a long, thing blade and hooks it to the staff*

*GK swings his newly made Axe at the tree, nearly dropping DD in the process. All the gems fall off the tree and are replaced by the 'pre-mature orbs'*

TGG: I wonder if we can use these... GK, try poking one with your stick and see if they turn stuff to goo or if they are safe to handle. If they are safe, then TS can grab one and see if he can do anything with it!

GK: YES SIR! *GK thrusts the axe into one of the pre-mature orbs*

TGG: Huh.... No immediate reaction... TS, try grabbing one.
TS: heh, no way dude... I'm still not sure it's safe...

AM: Guys, we're running out of time!
TGG: TS....
Eh. Have some smilies I guess.
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