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Default Re: Leigon of the Doomed RPG

DD: No, I rather stay here.
GK: Suit yourself.

GK leaves and DD starts exploring the area. He enters one of the buildings and finds very high-tech machinery, though he can't figure out what any of it is.
Meanwhile, TGG and the others start exploring, after almost an hour of walking, they haven't found anything but goo. They occasionally stumbled upon a few broken pieces of machinery being rapidly turned into goo and a couple of orbs too.

TS: This is impossible, its gonna take forevever to findthese trees. Why don't we try to destroy the orbs?
TGG: We haven't figured out a way to do that yet, the only way the orbs can be destroyed is by eliminating the tree, atleast thats what we know right now.
AM: The whole planet hasn't been converted into goo yet.
GK: What?
AM: Look, there are a few patches here and there that aren't black goo but the ground around them is, I wonder why.
TGG: Lets just stay focused and try to find these trees, okay?
AM: Hmm, it would be much easier if I build a tracker.
TGG: Can you do that?
AM: I think so, next time, if you see a piece of broken machinery, give it to me, and I'll also need a sample of this goo.
TS: Well, I found a lot of machinery.
TGG: What is that thing?
AM: Looks like another teleporter.
TGG: Its broken.
TS: What is it doing here?
TGG: You don't think Furzorg comes here often?
TS: Don't know.

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