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Default Re: Leigon of the Doomed RPG

*GK leaps up and summons a mighty Gummy Sword and duel weilds it with his axe*

TGG: Settle down there...
GK: Right, sorry about that...

AM: Hmmmm... TS spoke with the dragons before and he can float around...
TGG: What?

AM: TS can fly and he has made contact with the dragons!
TGG: ... Wha?
GK: I see what you're getting at. TS, go find the dragons and ask them for help in the search. Maybe we'll have AM's supplies ready by the time you get back, and then we can search with the radar as well as help from the sky.

TS: Gotcha. I'll see if I can find them.

*TS leaves*

GK: Now that he's gone... Why do his people have such evil weapons to destroy planets with?
TGG: i don't know... I wonder if his people were evil.
GK: But he doesn't seem even the slightest bit evil.

AM: He also doesn't have his memory...
TGG: Well, none of us have our memories from before we met...
AM: Good point...
TGG: Here's a few more pieces to use for the tracker.
AM: Oh, thanks.

GK: Hey guys, there's a tree over there!
AM: Let's go!
*The three run over to the tree, it is much larger than the other one was*

TGG: Oh my... That other tree must have just been a sapling...
GK: No matter... Ugh.... *Everyone can feel the power of the orbs that are all over the trees pressing in on them*

TGG: Perhaps... We should get away from this thing...
GK: Indeed.... But first...
*GK savagely attacks the tree from both sides with both his sword and his axe, after a few moments there is a loud crack and the tree begins to fall*

TGG: That was quite awesome....
GK: The orbs aren't gone yet! And the tree is tipping in our direction! RUN AWAY!
*the three flee, the tree crashes on the ground and the orbs explode into nothingness*
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