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Default Re: Leigon of the Doomed RPG

GK: Whew! Another one down.
TGG: I wonder how many are there.
AM: Probably only a couple hundred
TGG: Why?
AM: This planet isn't all that big, its a quarter the size of earth and earth is pretty small.
TGG: Well then, we should be done soon.
AM: I hope TS convinced the dragons to help us.
TGG: The area is returning to its original shape, we should get moving.

TS returns looking horrified.

TGG: What happened? You look like you've seen a gumblus.
AM: A what?
TGG: Oh, I don't find ghosts scary but I remember seeing a large green creature that nearly scared me to death, I later learnt that it was called a gumblus.
AM: Riiiiiight. TS, why're you back?
TS: I found the dragons.
AM: Did they agree to help us.
TS: I don't think they can
AM: Why?
TS: See for yourself.

The heroes follow TS, they see bones scattered everywhere. It looks like a dragon graveyard.

TGG: What happened here?
TS: No idea, perhaps they were incinerated by the goo
AM: I hope it doesn't affect us.
TGG: I think we should get this done quickly.

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