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Default Re: Leigon of the Doomed RPG

AM: There are bones everywhere!
TGG: And they seem to be increasing as we go towards he next tree
AM: *gulp*
TGG: Stop being a scaredy cat!
AM: Its just that, I don't want to be a skeleton
TGG: Hey look! The tree!
AM: its huge!
TS: This could be the main tree
AM: Its gems are larger than the other trees.
TS: They are as big as the other trees!
TGG: I think this is the tree that produces other trees.
AM: Lets take it down then, hopefully the other trees will disappear too.
TGG: I hope so.
TS: Lets do this.

As the three heroes go towards the tree, it glows black, as if it could sense them approaching, then suddenly thousands of black weeds shoot out of the ground and wave menacingly and try to capture the heroes.

AM: aah! Not good!
TGG: Time to take this tree down!

Meanwhile, GK goes back towards the place where they left DD, he sees a bunch of buidings.

DD: (peering from a window from a nearby building) You're back? Where are the others.
GK: Taking down the trees, what're you doing?
DD: Come have a look, there are many different types of gadgets.
GK: Do you know what they do?
DD: um... thats not my speciality
GK: *sighs* Hopeless.. alright I'm coming.

GK enters the building at all the machinery amazes even him.

GK: What is all this stuff?
DD: I have no idea.
GK: I recognize this though
DD: What? Oh that, yeah, it looks like a teleporter
GK: Hmm, whats Furzorg telelporter doing here?
DD: I think we're about to find out....

The teleporter glows and out comes Furzorg, after glancing quickly towards the heroes, he goes back...

DD: What the...?
GK: I believe that was Furzorg.

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