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Default Re: What are you listening to?

Originally Posted by boyd View Post
Rekoning - Killswitch Engage
Entombment of a machine - Job for a cowboy
Hey You (live) - Pink Floyd
How To Save A Life - The Fray
Circle - Slipknot

This was the stuff i was listening too for the past few hours
Killswitch Engage= Pwnage
Job For A Cowboy- Pwnage
Pink Floyd= Pwnage
The Fray= Never heard them.
Slipknot= A bit fake. Their singer isn't suited to the kind of music he sings, and their drumming is rather generic despite having 3 drummers.

My current playlist:

"Guerilla Radio"- Rage Against the Machine
"Vietnow"- Rage Against the Machine
"Bulls On Parade"- Rage Against the Machine
"Otherland"- Blind Guardian
"Midlife Crisis"- Faith No More
"Descending"- Lamb of God
"The Night"- Disturbed
"Ten Thousand Fists"- Disturbed
"Meaning of Life"- Disturbed
"To The Fallen Hero"- God Forbid
"Into The Wasteland"- God Forbid
"Cowboys From [Happy Pony Land]"- Pantera
"Madhouse"- Anthrax
"The Deepest Gray"- All That Remains
"I Die In Degrees"- All That Remains

Metal FTW.
Sigs are for the weak.

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